Practice Facilities and Driving Range

Our practice facilities are as impressive as our golf course. We have dedicated long and short game areas, where you can fine tune every part of your game, whether it be hitting balls on th range, bunker play, honing your chipping or ironing out your putting stroke. Golfers love spending time working on their games in the pursuit of improvement and Carlisle Golf Club has invested in enhancing the infrastructure of the club delivering one of the best practice areas in North of England.

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Covered Driving Range

We have a covered driving range with mirrored bays, quality driving bay mats and ball dispenser, to assist you in your practise sessions in all weathers.

At the end of the practice bays, there is a swing room where the Club Professional Nicky Tibbetts uses launch monitor and video swing analysis to assist in his coaching sessions.

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Out Door Driving Range

Not to miss out on those sunny days when practising, we have an out door driving range which includes a raised all weather area for use when a little wet underfoot, and a grass tee area which is frequently moved to enable a quality teeing ground experience.

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Short Game Practice Area

Our practice facilities are enhanced with an excellent short game area. You can hone every skill required for playing on the course with a high faced bunker, low faced bunker, a large chipping area for lob chipping or chip and run, and an area for putting.

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Putting Green

The putting area is located next to the club house and matches the greens on the course for quality and difficulty. It is a two tiered green and a great place to hone your putting skills.

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We have a modern ball dispensing machine coupled with an automated ball washer which ensures all our practice balls reach you in a clean condition. The machine accepts tokens available from the clubhouse or club shop.

There's a club cleaner available for the conscientious, and a bench for the odd spectator.