Waiting List 2023

We are extremely fortunate to be in the position that we have a waiting list to join our Club.

As the number of membership enquiries being received is continuing to grow, we would strongly recommend that you join our waiting list as soon as possible so you can become a member at the earliest opportunity when a place becomes available.

Currently, the waiting time for a membership place is up to one year/season, however, a place may become available more quickly.

Starting from £50 (price deducted from your membership fee), there are two options available for you to choose from that will secure your place on our waiting list and give you the chance to enjoy our golf facilities until a place becomes available.

Click the document below to view the options available.

Membership Application

Please complete the membership application form below and send via email to the manager@carlislegolfclub.org or by calling into the office.

If your membership application is successful you will be bound by the Club rules and byelaws which are available to view below.

If membership is cancelled at any time during a current year then the outstanding balance owed for the year’s membership must be paid in full prior to resigning. Also if the entrance fee installment option has been chosen, any outstanding balance must be paid in full at the time of resignation.

Should these payment options not be adhered to legal proceedings will be taken to recover all outstanding monies owed. Please sign and date the copy of this letter to confirm that you agree to the conditions of membership of Carlisle Golf Club Ltd as set out in the Club rules and that all monies owed to the Club will be paid prior to resigning. If you do not agree to the above then the offer of membership of Carlisle Golf Club Ltd will be rescinded.

A non-returnable deposit of £50 is required with the application for membership.