Visitor Guidelines

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Visitor Guidelines

Notes for Organisers

Would all organisers please ensure that each member of their party is aware of the following guidelines.

  1. All outstanding fees must be settled with the Club Shop or Secretary prior to play, unless agreed by prior arrangement.
  2. All catering costs must be settled before departure, unless agreed by prior arrangement.
  3. All visitors are to play from the tee of the day. Yellow (men) Red (ladies)
  4. Golf shoes must be worn on the golf course and between April and September plastic cleats are preferred.
  5. Mobile phones must be on silent in the clubhouse and on the course.
  6. Blue jeans, shell suits, tracksuits, leggings, football/rugby type shirts, gents collarless or sleeveless shirts and training shoes are all unsuitable attire and are not to be worn on the course.  Tailored shorts are allowed.  Smart jeans are acceptable in the clubhouse.
  7. Golf shoes are not allowed in the clubhouse and shoes should be worn at all times.
  8. Start times must be adhered to, any alterations can only be authorised through the Club Shop.
  9. The Club reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave the course or clubhouse should they be deemed to be unsuitably dressed or unable to hold their place on the course.