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Hole 17

Project Description

Pro’s Tip – Hole 17 161 Yards Par 3

Competition Tee 161 Yards Par 3 Men's Tee 141 Yards Par 3 Ladies Tee 132 Yards Par 3


The last and possibly the most demanding of the par 3’s, has seen a great deal of development work take place over recent times, with a new Championship tee, and tree removal to create a better vista of the stream on the left hand side of the hole, the hole starts with players firing down onto the green with a mid iron and accuracy will be required as a stream runs down the entire left side of the hole, a bunker right will catch stray tee shots, trying to avoid the stream. Not great for the fainthearted, most players would take a 3 and head to the 18th Tee.