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Hole 12

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Pro’s Tip – Hole 12 479 Yards Par 5

Competition Tee 479 Yards Par 5 Men's Tee 469 Yards Par 5 Ladies Tee 434 Yards Par 5


After the stern test of the 11th Hole, the 12th allows a little breathing space , a modest Par 5 is easily reachable in two for the longer hitters, but a cleverly positioned fairway ditch at 260 – 280 yds makes every player have to tactically think their way down the hole. With the camber on the fairway from right to left, a second or third shot should be aimed up higher on the right hand side, allowing the ball to skip up to the putting surface for the longer hitters. One bunker on the right hand side of the green catches a wayward approach, with a long thin and relatively flat green when players arrive at the putting surface.