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Hole 11

Project Description

Pro’s Tip – Hole 11 380 Yards Par 4

Competition Tee 380 Yards Par 4 Men's Tee 374 Yards Par 4 Ladies Tee 341 Yards Par 4


The Men’s Stroke Index Number 1 Hole, requiring no margin for error on any shot throughout the hole, the tee shots requires accuracy and the perfect length down the fairway of approx 200yds, to allow players to then see the green as you change direction by nearly 90 degrees left, a shot of 160-180yds can then be played over a ditch to an uphill green, try not to miss the green to the left as to get up and down is but impossible for most players, as the green is severely sloped in multiply directions, when on the green a two putt is a triumph.