As of April 2021, we have a waiting list to join Carlisle Golf Club.

Starting from £50 (price deducted from your membership fee), there are two options available for you to choose from that will secure your place on our waiting list and give you the chance to enjoy our golf facilities until a place becomes available. 

For more information, view our waiting list options here. 


Male over 75 (after qualification)£612.00£18.00£630.00
Full Discounted 31 – 35£544.00£18.00£562.00
Full Discounted 26 – 30£408.00£18.00£426.00
Full Discounted 21 – 25£340.00£18.00£358.00
Full Discounted 18 – 20£272.00£18.00£290.00
Ladies over 75 (after qualification)£612.00£18.50£630.50
Lady Full Discounted 31 – 35£544.00£18.50£562.50
Lady Full Discounted 26 – 30£408.00£18.50£426.50
Lady Full Discounted 21 – 25£340.00£18.50£358.50
Lady Full Discounted 18 – 20£272.00£18.50£290.50
Full Member on low or modest income (5 day membership)
Click here for qualifying criteria
Junior Boys 16 – 17£170.00£18.00£188.00
Junior Boys 15£102.00£18.00£120.00
Junior Boys Academy under 15£47.00£18.00£65.00
Junior Boys Academy Primary School£25.00£18.00£43.00
Junior Girls 16-17£170.00£18.50£188.50
Junior Girls 15£102£18.50£120.50
Junior Girls Academy Under 15£47.00£18.50£65.50
Junior Girls Academy Primary School£25.00£18.50£43.50
Lady Country£238.00£9.00£247.00
Country Former Full£170.00£9.00£179.00
Lady Country Former Full£170.00£9.00£179.00


Social Membership

Non-Playing/Social     £37.50 PLUS £7.50 vat  =   £45


Entrance/Joining Fee

All Full members (male & female)  to be equivalent to one years subscriptions

With the exception of the Full Member on low or modest income (5 day membership) category for which there is no entrance fee.



Male Upper     £33

Male Lower     £35  

Lady     £33


Trolley Shed     £15


To enquire, email