>>Junior Golf Passport

Junior Golf Passport

Junior Golf Passport 

With our younger juniors, we structure our lessons and fun activities using The Golf Foundation‘s Junior Golf Passport every Saturday morning at 10.00 a.m.  We also provide equipment for beginners so all are welcome.

The Junior Golf Passport is a progressive learning scheme designed to support children to learn how to play golf. It creates a learning pathway to guide learners through the early stages from picking up a club for the first time to becoming a junior golfer ready for regular play.

All the key golf skills (on and off the course) have been broken down so children can learn the key skills at their own pace. The learning is largely about the process of the skill but the Junior Golf Passport has a host of fun skills test to take part in along the way. 

Each junior will receive their own booklet to tick off achievements and will be awarded with certificates and will collect colour wristbands as they progress. The young golfers work their way through the 3 progressive levels of START, LEARN and PLAY and the Junior Golf Passport covers the following key areas of golf;

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full swing
  • How to play on the Course
  • Fit for Golf
  • Prepare for Golf

One of the most important things we teach through golf is key life skills such as team work, discipline, perseverance, communication and concentration – the list goes on!