>Green Fees – Member’s Guest

Green Fees – Member’s Guest

14th March 2022 to 31st October 20221st November 2021 to 13th March 2022
Member's Fees
Member's Guest Weekday£20.00Member's Guest Weekday£10.00
Member's Guest Weekend£20.00Member's Guest Weekend£10.00
Member's Buggy£15.00Member's Buggy £15.00
Member's Buggy Deal -Buy 10
£120.00Member's Buggy Deal -Buy 10£120.00
Electric Trolley Hire£7.50Electric Trolley Hire £7.50
Pull Trolley Hire£2.00Pull Trolley Hire £2.00
Visitor Green Fees
Weekday Day Rate£85.00Weekday Day Rate£48.00
Weekend Day Rate£85.00Weekend Day Rate£48.00
Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£30.00Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£20.00
Non-Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)50.00Non-Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£34.00
Buggy Hire£30.00Buggy Hire£30.00
Electric Trolley Hire£15.00Electric Trolley Hire£15.00
Pull Trolley Hire£5.00Pull Trolley Hire£5.00