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British Heart Foundation Mixed Seniors

Rentals & Guests

14th March 2022 to 31st October 20221st November 2021 to 13th March 2022
Member's Fees
Member's Guest Weekday£20.00Member's Guest Weekday£10.00
Member's Guest Weekend£20.00Member's Guest Weekend£10.00
Member's Buggy£15.00Member's Buggy £15.00
Member's Buggy Deal -Buy 10
£120.00Member's Buggy Deal -Buy 10£120.00
Electric Trolley Hire£7.50Electric Trolley Hire £7.50
Pull Trolley Hire£2.00Pull Trolley Hire £2.00
Visitor Green Fees
Weekday Day Rate£85.00Weekday Day Rate£48.00
Weekend Day Rate£85.00Weekend Day Rate£48.00
Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£30.00Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£20.00
Non-Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)50.00Non-Cumbria County Card (Weekday only)£34.00
Buggy Hire£30.00Buggy Hire£30.00
Electric Trolley Hire£15.00Electric Trolley Hire£15.00
Pull Trolley Hire£5.00Pull Trolley Hire£5.00
3 December , 2021

We are recruiting…….

We are looking for an additional member of staff to work in the Club Shop during August, to cover staff holidays.

The position will, at the present moment, be seasonal and start from 7th August 2021 however, there may be the potential for additional weekend work.

We are looking for someone that can work weekends as well as weekdays.