Lightning / General

If it is decided that it is unsafe to continue to play golf as a storm approaches, a klaxon will sound to call all golfers off the course and into the clubhouse.

If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued. Carlisle Golf Club is not responsible for your safety on this matter.

You are advised NOT to continue play and NOT to seek shelter under trees.

Remove yourself from the golf course by the quickest possible route towards the clubhouse

Lightning / Competition Play

Rule 5.7 as stated in the R&A Rules of Golf will apply to all competitions and matches where there is a risk of lightning.

In the eventuality of lightning and danger play WILL be discontinued, you must mark your ball position before lifting.

Play will resume if conditions change and are considered SAFE

Where play has been suspended due to lightning, play must be resumed where it was discontinued, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent day


Lightning / Golf Buggies

Please note that golf buggies do NOT give protection from lightning.