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Finals Day 2019

Hi all,

It is Finals Day 2019 on Sunday 15th September.  Best of luck to all qualifiers who I’m sure would appreciate support from the members.  Course Manager (himself a qualifier!) assures me it’s going to be a dry day.

See attached Order of Play.

Order of Play


10 September , 2019

Carlisle Golf Club Lightning Policy

Lightning / General

If it is decided that it is unsafe to continue to play golf as a storm approaches, a klaxon will sound to call all golfers off the course and into the clubhouse.

If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued. Carlisle Golf Club is not responsible for your safety on this matter.

You are advised NOT to continue play and NOT to seek shelter under trees.

Remove yourself from the golf …

31 July , 2019

Captain and Pro Challenge Matches

With the golf season well and truly underway, it’s challenge time against our Club Captains Mark Nield and Liz Auld in the Captain and Pro Challenge matches.

To book your challenge please enter on the appropriate sheet positioned in each locker room.

4BBB matches will be played over 15 holes (Men) and 8 holes (Ladies) and as with tradition the losing pair pay for lunch or tea.

If the dates are not suitable please call in to the Pro Shop to organise a preferred date and ti…

9 May , 2019

Junior Golf Summer Camp 2019

9 May , 2019

Mens Captain’s Day – Saturday 1st June 2019

Mens Captain’s Day and Presentation followed by the Champions League Final

Days don’t get much better than this, play in Mens Captain’s Day (Sat June 1st) and sit back and enjoy the unexpected final between Liverpool and Tottenham with complimentary sandwiches and chips courtesy of the club. The evening will include fund raising activities for the Captain’s Charities including 1st goal scorer sweepstake and Lilo’s legendary Heads and Tails.

9 May , 2019

Course Report – April 2019

Its been a slow start to the main golfing season, the beginning of March was very wet 120mm in the first two weeks, temperatures have slowly increased bringing a limited amount of growth. This was followed by a very dry April with record temperatures being recorded.


The dry weather recently has certainly held back any significant growth on most areas, no more so than on green surfaces. Greens are now being cut daily at 4mm and ironed as regularly as possible…

9 May , 2019